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Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bridal Boudoir Intimate Portraiture

Boudoir sessions are a fantastic way for anyone to create some romantic images to share with someone special. Do it just for you or as a special gift for a special someone. Some brides are choosing to create a little black book of their images for "his eyes only". This gift is always very well received by their husbands to be with many choosing to deliver the gift at the beginning of the honeymoon. Of course it would also make a great 1st anniversary gift. Or any other anniversary!

Boudoir photography can be more than just lingerie. Old fashioned pin-ups, art nude and swimsuit shoots provide alternatives. Poses and props are used to ensure that every woman feels and looks wonderful. While many women arrive at a boudoir session feeling apprehensive, when they leave, all assure me they were made comfortable and it wasn't nearly as scary as they imagined.

How it works! Make a booking and at this time we decide if you would like to use your home, my studio or a private beach or be part of a boudoir marathon at a nice motel or B & B. Before the day choose your outfits, they needn’t be expensive and remember less is more, even a white button down shirt and cute knickers can look great. If you are thinking of going nude remove any tight layers of clothing a couple of hours before the shoot (you can do nude shoots and not show very much). This is to stop any marks from your bra etc.

It can be a good idea to organise a hair appointment before your session if you colour your hair as it can't be retouched effectively in photoshop. Before the shoot you will be shown examples of images to help me get an idea of what you are thinking and this also gives us some time to relax, if at your home I will set up lighting and do some test images before we begin. Once I have an idea of the type of images you wish to create I can help you to pose and find your best angles. I am also happy to discuss any ideas you may have. I retouched your images for absolute perfection. If you are ordering a book and need it ready for a particular date allow at least 6 weeks from shoot to finished book delivery.


 What if I want to order enlargements? Use your disc to choose which images you would like to have enlarged then the cost depends on the type of enlargement you choose. Photographic prints are reasonably priced, check my portrait pricing for more information. As an example a 20cm x 30cm print (approximately A4 size) is $30. This is a nice size to put into a frame and matt boards of any size can be professionally cut in house to fit your frame so no one else needs to see your finished print until you want them to.

 Can I bring a girl friend? Absolutely, you could both do a session and help each other through.

 Will there be anyone else involved in the shoot? Only you and me and a friend if you choose to bring one, at boudoir marathons there will also be a make up artist / hair dresser but the shoot will be just you and I.
 This isn’t just for people who look like models, this is for everyone, every woman is beautiful!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drown the Gown

Trash the Dress, Drown the Gown, Rock the Frock and Fearless Bride
 No matter what you call it, everyone should try it! While this idea began with girls having messy fun in their prom dresses it has evolved into an art form. Why would anyone do that? This shoot is an opportunity to get relaxed, fun, stunning images you just can’t do on your wedding day. After location photos you still have the reception and most brides opt to continue to look as perfect as possible. This means you can’t really get down and dirty in your wedding dress so some of the shots that look so great can’t be achieved at that time. The solution is to come back at a later date, with or without your husband and have a bit more fun creating stunning images you will be proud to display.

It is an opportunity to get wet, or to take some photos particularly relevant to you as a couple; the only limit is your imagination. I have lots of ideas to work with and I am always willing to try new ideas. I can even do underwater shots in a pool or the ocean. Perhaps you were not 100% happy with the photographer you chose for your wedding images and would like the opportunity to add some more glamorous or creative images to your album, or maybe it was raining on your wedding day and you always wanted sunny images? Cried so much your makeup was ruined? There are plenty of reasons why you might like a redo without all the stress.

Do I have to ruin my dress to get theses kinds of images? No, the amount of trashing you do is up to you. You could swim and run on the beach in your gown, dry clean it and not know it had happened. Dry cleaning is quite expensive for wedding dresses so you might as well get your money’s worth. Some brides do opt to destroy their dress but that is a very personal choice. It is also another opportunity to wear that dress again, feel like a princess again. What I like most about these shoots is that all the stress is gone, and you can see the relaxation in people’s faces. I have seen dresses look a lot cleaner after a ‘drown the gown’ than when the reception finished. A quick rinse in the bath tub and it was ready to be dry cleaned without any damage.

When you book your shoot we plan one of the many idyllic location options. I offer a discount to all brides who have booked me for their wedding but these shoots are open to anyone who would like to give it a go.

Book a Bridal shoot session

These sessions are great if you have less than perfect weather or some other misadventure on your wedding day, they can also be used as a Drown the Gown shoot or to visit some locations you didn't have time to get to on the day. The session fee is $400 including a full resolution disc of your images. 1.5 hour shoot in up to two locations. Stop animation, slideshows (great to share with friends & family) and DVD's also available as well as prints, canvas and albums. This is not available for wedding day coverage and is generally not available on Saturdays.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time for a couple of landscapes

Boydtown, the beach in front of the Sea Horse Inn

Bermagui's Blue Pool

Road through Angeldale